All our eyeglasses are optical quality (ready for your
prescription).  Most of you will take your new frames
to the local optician, but if you wish, we can do your
lenses: Rx, Plain, Tinted Prescription Sunglass...
Whatever you want..

Just scan & email your prescription, or an iPhone
picture works too. Email to or
text to 304-286-2524

The price is usually the same or less than your
hometown optical shop.
Rx lenses with a single-vision prescription - $54.99

Rx Lens in Polycarbonate (harder, thinner) - $79.99

Non prescription clear lenses (CR-39 safety) - $39.99

Non prescription Tinted (sunglass) lenses - $39.99

Polarized (cuts glare) UV Sunglasses lenses - $69.99

Give us an extra week for lens service.  No refunds
on custom lenses.
PS - Don't forget your PD
(pupilary distance) when
sending in your
A quick call to your
eye-doc can get it
~ Or ~
Measure it yourself -->
Get a Ruler and a Mirror
We are a full service optical shop
with 30+ years experience - Please
note, Rx lenses and some custom
tints will add roughly 10 days to your
order. BBB Business Review
Clear, Nonprescription,
"Plano". Cosmetic,
Prescription Lenses
Standard Single-vision
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Prescription Lenses
Polycarbonate (thinner,
harder) Single-vision
Tinted (Sun) Lenses. Any
Frame To Sunglasses
Cuts Glare and
Reflections (special)
Your PD
Pupilary Distance
Add Sunshine Lenses, Now
Till May 2021