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Policy on Returns and

All returns must be received
20 calender days, in
good condition. Refunds will
be given as 100%
merchandise exchange.

measure at home to
ensure a good fit.

All prescription lenses are
guaranteed to reflect the
prescriptions you send us.
Q:  How can I be sure my new frames will fit?
That's a good question. You're going to have to do some measuring at
home, but it's easy! Get a ruler and a pair of your old
glasses/sunglasses that fit. Don't let it confuse you - there are only 4
basic sizes.  Here's a good page to help you through the measuring
process -->
Frame Size Page.
Q:  I found some frames I like, how can I buy them on line?
Simple, click on the gold 'Add To Cart' button, and follow the checkout
instructions. You can keep shopping for more specs or check out
using our secure checkout with credit/debit card and even e-check. Or
you can pay with check or money order via mail  -   just
Contact Us
Q:  I don't have a Paypal account (and I don't want one) can I still pay on
Yes, absolutely.... Use the "Add to Cart" button. When you're ready to
"check out" Just bypass the Paypal 'sign in' option and click
Then enter your credit/debit card info....
Here's An Easy Tutorial       or  
Email Us if you are having troubles
Q:  How much is shipping outside the USA?
Didn't you read the last question? Only $4.50. One price covers as
many frames as you want.
Q:  How much is shipping? Do you combine on multiple items?
Absolutely.  As many frames as you like for only $4.50 flat rate - Foreign
or domestic.  
Q:  Are all your frames Old / Vintage?
Most all of our frames are vintage 50s-60s NOS. (New Old Optometrist
Stock.)  They've been in the optometrist's basement - still in the
wrappers, never used... A few are reproductions (like the Shurons)
which are still made with the same quality since 1947.
Q:  Eyeglassboy, how come you're so cool?
Well Thank You...  Check our About Us Page
Q:  Is tracking available outside the USA?
No - Sorry.  We try to keep shipping costs low so no tracking is
available outside the US
,  Don't worry we haven't lost one yet. But, if it's
been more than 3 weeks contact us.
Q:  Will I get a tracking number?
If you live within the US you will receive an automated notification
confirming your address and a clickable tracking number.  Sorry, no
tracking available overseas.
Q:  How can I pay by mail, with a check or money order?
Easy... First you Email so we can hold your frame(s) for you (up to 10
days). Then you drop a check or money order in the mail. You can find
our mailing address and complete instructions on our
Policy Page.
Q:  What is your return policy?
You can return your frames (within 15 days of receipt) for any reason.  
Refunds will be given as 100% merchandise credit (with no fees).  Our
inventory is constantly changing so you are sure to find something
else you like.
Q:  How long will it take to get my glasses?
Most frames are mailed within 4 days (Max) using First Class USPS.
Travel time is about 3 days - So give it a week.
Q:  Do you accept vision insurance?
Yes. We don't do 3rd party billing, we will provide a detailed receipt
which will be accepted by insurance and Flex Med card.
Q:  Is there a phone number?
Yes. You will get a speedier response if you contact us by email.  But, if
you must.... Call 304-286-2524.  And now you can TEXT. 304-286-2524
Q:  Flex-Spending Card, can I use it at Eyeglassboy ?:
Yes.  The card wont work directly in our Paypal shopping cart, But The
receipt we give you can be submitted for reimbursal.
Q:  I Want Lenses?
OK - Most people take our frames to their local optician for lenses. We
do offer
lens service (prescription, sunglass, clear non-Rx) as a
courtesy for our customers.  Please understand we are a working
optical shop and
it will take as long as your local optician + Ship time.
Q:  I Have a Huge Melon Head - Do you have XL Retro Frames?
Absolutely!  Our Big-Brained Friends Shop Right Here --> Mens XL Page
Q:   Where Are My Frames?
You should receive a confirmation email and tracking number (inside
USA) within 24 hours of ordering - Please Please use the same email
address when asking questions or making any correspondence.
Q:  I saw some cool specs on an old movie, can you get them for me?
We have over 50,000 frames in boxes we haven't even opened.
Chances are we can find your special frame, just ask.
Q:  What is a PD?
PD, that's your pupilary distance, or the distance between the center of
your eyes. Your optician will use it to place the lenses in your frames
for ultimate vision correction. We'll need it if we do your Rx lenses.
Q:  What Does RX Mean?
Rx is actually Latin meaning Recipe.  It is used as shorthand for
Prescription..  "Send us your RX, don't forget your PD"....  See,  you
learned something today.
Q:  My tracking number isn't showing any movement - What's up?
Tracking only works when the postal employees scan the box.
Sometimes you won't see movement till after delivery.  Give it some
time before you panic.
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Q:  Do You Buy Glasses?
Yes.... If you are an optician, or know someone with a basement full of
old optical stock
contact us..
Q:  I'd Like to Try On a Few Frames to See Which Suite Me. Can I Return
the Frames That Don't Work for a Cash Refund Rather than Store
No problem. We do this for film and stage companies, and we'll do it for
you too. Email us first and we will set it up.
Eyeglassboy.com BBB Business Review
Q:  I Need Customer Support.
OK... You Can Do It .. We Believe In You!!!    Not What You Meant?  
Email Us - info@eyeglassboy.com - TEXT or Call 304-286-2524

Product - Our glasses are
sealed in plastic and live in
boxes.. They are NOT
handled or tried-on.

Office - Our office is not a
retail location so neither we
nor our facilities are
exposed to the public or

More Precautions - Every
frame is washed in a sterile
ethanol alcohol solution
before being packed in new
bags, cases and boxes.

Nitrile Gloves - We wear
nitrile gloves as a
protective barrier for our
hands and will continue to
do so as standard protocol.
Q:  What is Eyeglassboy
doing to keep us safe during
this CV pandemic?