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These frames are all new, never worn, vintage, optometrist-stock... They haven't been
made in years, so chances are no one else has a pair.
DA Freeways New Vintage Eyeglasses
New Men's Frames, Demi-Amber,
Shuron Optical
Shuron Optical Ronsurs eyeglasses, frames
New Frames, Ronsurs,Shuron Optical
New Old Stock Frame. Men's Black
Matte Black, 3 sizes, XL
Large Green FAOSA
Black retro eyeglasses, frames, all sizes
50s-60s Large
New Old stock Vintage Frames
Large Black MOD
Extra Large Combination Eyeglasses, Shuron Ronsur
New Frames, Shuron Optical
2 Sizes: Med & Large
Ronsir Revelation lo-rise frames G-man eyeglasses
Retro Shuron ALL Sizes
XL Tortoise Mod
Ronsir Gray-Briar G-man Eyeglasses
Large Black FAOSA
Large Black Sale
XL Brow-Line Lo-Rise Shuron
Shuron - ALL Sizes
Producer Gray-Wood Med/Large
Shuron Ronsur lo-rise eyeglasses, G-man
Retro DA, 2 Sizes
Producer Peach Medium/Large
Shuron, crystal eyeglasses, sunglasses, all sizes
Apolo-Flex Zylowear retro eyeglasses, frames
Ronsir Revelation, LoRise G-Man
60s Tortoise
New Old Stock vintage eyeglass frame, Men's Black, Yank
Black/Black Art-Deco Combo Med/LG
Thick Fade All Sizes
Shuron Ronsir browline eyeglasses, shuron optical
New Ronsurs in Amber, Shuron Optical
Large Black Horn Rimmed
Tart Arnel style Eyeglasses
Black/Chrome Deco  Large
Black Retro, all sizes
Producer Crystal 3 Sizes
Arnel Replica Black 2 sizes
Retro - Flex All Sizes
Black vintage Italian Eyeglasses
Marcello 8 1/2, Fellini Eyeglasses Sunglasses
Large Tortoise Sale
XL Sale
Thick Temple Sidewinder XL
Large Titmus Safety 60s
The Producer, Medium/Large/XL
Small Mens 50s Fade
Gray-Smoke FDR Large
Black FDR Large
Tortoise FDR Large
Black Ful-Vue Medium
Large Mod Tortoise
Vintage Fade Small
Brow-Line G-Man, 3 sizes
Shuron Gray-Briar Combo, All Sizes
G-Man Eyeglasses, combo frames
XL 70s-80s
Producers Honey tortoise Tart Arnel repro Eyeglasses
Arnel Repro - S, M, L,
Round Tortoise Ful-Vue Medium
Large Black Hip Eyeglasses, mod style eyelgasses
X-Large Black Mod
Black P-3 Retro Eyeglasses replica tart arnel
Large 60s Style Mod
60s, Stenzel Italian XL
Dress For  
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Vintage 50s
Large Crystal FAOSA
Large Mocha FAOSA
Combo Frames, 3 Sizes G-0Man
Large X-Large
50s-60s Sm, Med, Lg BBB Business Review
New Glasses Give Life A Lift
XL Tortoise Mod
X-Large Brown-Smoke Fade
XL Tortoise Green
Large X-Large Green
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