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These frames are all new, never worn, vintage, optometrist-stock... They haven't been
made in years, so chances are no one else has a pair.
DA Freeways New Vintage Eyeglasses
New Men's Frames, Demi-Amber,
Shuron Optical
Shuron Optical Ronsurs eyeglasses, frames
New Frames, Ronsurs,Shuron Optical
New Old Stock Frame. Men's Black
Matte Black, 3 sizes, XL
Mens Black Frames SALE $34.00
Black retro eyeglasses, frames, all sizes
50s-60s Large
New Old stock Vintage Frames
Large Black MOD
Extra Large Combination Eyeglasses, Shuron Ronsur
New Frames, Shuron Optical
2 Sizes: Med & Large
Ronsir Revelation lo-rise frames G-man eyeglasses
Retro Shuron ALL Sizes
XL Tortoise Mod
Ronsir Gray-Briar G-man Eyeglasses
Large Black FAOSA
Large Black Sale
XL Brow-Line Lo-Rise Shuron
Shuron - ALL Sizes
Producer Gray-Wood Med/Large
Shuron Ronsur lo-rise eyeglasses, G-man
Retro DA, 2 Sizes
Producer Peach Medium/Large
Shuron, crystal eyeglasses, sunglasses, all sizes
Apolo-Flex Zylowear retro eyeglasses, frames
Ronsir Revelation, LoRise G-Man
60s Tortoise
New Old Stock vintage eyeglass frame, Men's Black, Yank
Black/Black Art-Deco Combo Med/LG
Thick Fade All Sizes
Shuron Ronsir browline eyeglasses, shuron optical
New Ronsurs in Amber, Shuron Optical
Large Black Horn Rimmed
Tart Arnel style Eyeglasses
Medium Black 70s
Black Retro, all sizes
Producer Crystal 3 Sizes
Arnel Replica Black 2 sizes
Retro - Flex All Sizes
Black vintage Italian Eyeglasses
Marcello 8 1/2, Fellini Eyeglasses Sunglasses
Large Tortoise Sale
XL Sale
Thick Temple Sidewinder XL
Large Titmus Safety 60s
The Producer, Medium/Large/XL
Small Mens 50s Fade
Gray-Smoke FDR Large
Black FDR Large
Tortoise FDR Large
Black Ful-Vue Medium
Large Mod Tortoise
Vintage Fade Small
Brow-Line G-Man, 3 sizes
Shuron Gray-Briar Combo, All Sizes
G-Man Eyeglasses, combo frames
XL 70s-80s
Large Black Hipster Frames
Producers Honey tortoise Tart Arnel repro Eyeglasses
Arnel Repro - S, M, L,
Round Tortoise Ful-Vue Medium
Large Black Hip Eyeglasses, mod style eyelgasses
X-Large Black Mod
Black P-3 Retro Eyeglasses replica tart arnel
Large 60s Style Mod
60s, Stenzel Italian XL
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Success, Get 2
Vintage 50s
Large Crystal FAOSA
Large Mocha FAOSA
Combo Frames, 3 Sizes G-0Man
Large X-Large
50s-60s Sm, Med, Lg BBB Business Review
New Glasses Give Life A Lift
XL Tortoise Mod
X-Large Brown-Smoke Fade
XL Tortoise Green
Large X-Large Green
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