All our frames are optical quality (ready
for your prescription).  Most of you will
take our frames to your local optician,
but if you rather, we can do your lenses:
Rx, Plain, or Tinted Sunglass
(single-vision only*).

Just fax, or scan & email your
prescription. The price is usually the
same or less than your hometown optical

Contact us for details.
Rx lenses with a single-vision
prescription are

Rx Lens in Polycarbonate (harder,
thinner) are

Non prescription clear lenses (CR-39
safety) are

Non prescription Tinted (sunglass)
lenses are

Give us an extra week for lens service.  
No returns on glasses with custom
Add Lenses:
Tinted - Sunglass
Add Lenses:
Clear, Nonprescription,
Plano. Just for Show
Add Lenses:
Clear, Single-Vision
Prescription Lenses
Add Lenses:
Clear, Polycarbonate
Prescription Lenses
PS - Don't forget your PD
(pupilary distance) when
sending in your
A quick call to your
eye-doc can get it
~ Or ~
Measure it yourself -->
Get a Ruler and a Mirror
* We do not do BiFocals or
Progressives without an
in-person measurement.
---Single-vision only---
BiFocals require a horizon
measurement with the frames
on. Beware anyone who offers
bifocals by mail.
Add AR:
Coating. Good for
Computer Work or
Artificial Light
We are a full service optical shop with 30+ years
experience - Please note, Rx lenses and some
custom tints will add roughly 10 days to your order. BBB Business Review