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The Producer, Courtland
(Heroes of Leisure).

Hand polished Zyl, 7 bbl
hinges. The Best Tart  
Replicas yet.

Color. Black with green/gray
lenses. 100% UV

Condition:  New  Optometrist
stock, Never Used.

2 Sizes:

(Size 44-23):  Measures 5
1/8" across (132mm) hinge to
hinge. 1 5/8" lens hight with
5 1/2" temples.

(Size 46-23):  Measures 5
1/4" across (135mm) hinge to
hinge. 1 3/4" lens hight with
5 3/4" temples.

Please measure at home for
a good fit -
click here for
size questions.