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Thanks again. I have been wearing glasses for 30 years and they never quite fit.
Your prices are great and delivery is super fast!!!![I also want big round ones if possible!]
Thank you, I received my new sunglasses and am very pleased with them.     Glen
Received them yesterday & absolutely LOVE them!!!!  I am very happy & will be recommending your site
in the future! Thanks so much, you guys are fantastic!        Jen
Hello: YEA! I got them saturday in the mail and I'm happy, happy, happy!. so when I see my eye doc this I
just want to say thank you for being so professional and customer service savy, you know your stuff and
when I'm working in the lab or with the nurses and patients, they all can see me coming down the hall
sporting my new frames; and I'll tell them I got them from EYEGLASSBOY.com.
Happy New Year!
Eyeglasses received, like them very much, happy customer!!   cheers and best wishes   Manfred
I just wanted to let you all know what an awesome job you did. I ordered the Ronsir Revelations with rx
lenses and they are totally excellent!! They look and fit great and the lenses you guys made are
dead-on. I've been wearing some lame spare glasses I had that were all scratched up because I broke
my usual glasses. I can actually see well now and the credit for that goes to all the fine folks at
EyeGlassBoy.com. Special thanks to CE for helping me get all the details sorted out. I'll be back for
another pair really soon.

Thank you very much!!      Matthew - Camp Phoenix Afghanistan
The frames came in and they are just what I wanted. Thanks again.     Tom
I am even more thrilled then last year.  They turned out great!  What makes them better is the shape and
angle of the lens.  This size and design are perfect for me.  Now what I am looking for is the same in a
sort of white tortoise.         Thank you. . . your the best!           Errol
Hello CE,   Frames arrived yesterday. I like them a lot.   Thanks again,    Randy
Hello CE,    Just received the Frames...I love them, there great, I am extremely satisfied.
I will be ordering more soon...thanks again.          Sincerely, Franco - Italy
Hello Eyeglass boy ,
I just wanted to let you know (I Love my glasses) I got the John Lennon Peace glasses. And I plan to get a
backup pair or 2 in the future hopefully soon.  Thank you so much   Diana
Dear EyeGlassBoy,     Please find attached a pic of me wearing your Shuron Ronsurs (plus my wife
Louise in her "Harsh Mistress" frames) - fantastic glasses ! Be assured that a second order will be on it's
way shortly...       Best Regards,        Phill
Received frames today-Awesome and perfect in every way. Many Thanks!
You really do rock the spectacle world, you know!  Thanks for the frequent (and satisfied) shopper
consideration!   Melinda
Hello CE!
Today I received the beautiful shades at 12 am ;) !!!!!!
Amazing.....They fit perfectly. I just had to alter the nosebridge slightly....
Thanks for all your help
This is premium quality for sure. I have been looking for The Ronsir lo-rise model for a VERY long time...
And wow, that was fast shipping - shipped out on friday!
Have a nive day
I'll surely be back for more your eminent service and your exquisite variety of sunglasses.
Kindest Regards   Adam  :)
I LOVE my glasses!      Thanks!!!      DG
Very excited. My husband bought glasses from you and he loves them, loves them loves them.  Yay!
Thanks …….. got it yesterday…couldn’t be happier…best on line purchase to date……Thanks again….
Dear Sir,
I am writing to inform you that both my glasses arrived just fine today. The small box was truly a great idea
for customs and they didn´t even open it.
I am very glad with both my glasses (I loved the Apollo) and will surely become your customer. I will keep
checking your website to see the  "new" models as they are advertised.
As a suggestion, I would like to ask you please to always describe the glasses in milimeters as well, since
in some countries (like Brazil), we are not very familiar with inches. And as we are buying the glasses
mailorder, the correct description in milimiters would be a great help.
Thanks a lot for your attention and yours services!     Fernando
Received the glasses...they are terrific!! Thank you so much!
Hello CE.  Great news, I received my order.  They look fantastic.  Can't wait to get our prescription lenses
in them.  Thank you so much.  Have a great day,  Hummingbird
Hi CE,  Got my awesome eyeglasses in the post the other day, theyre beautiful.  Thanks again for all your
help     Jamey
Many thanks for the prompt reply.  You have great frames. Have a great day.      Cheers    Richard
Thanx alot CE, much appreciated. Love the new frames. Look forward to ordering from you in the future.
The glasses arrived today. They are spectacular!!! The picture doesn't do them justice and I couldn't be
more pleased. All I can say is AWESOME!!! You rock eyeglassboy....  May I have permission to post a
link to your incredible site??   Very satisfied customer,   JeriLynn
I got them today!  Thank you so much again I couldn't be happier! I will be recommending your site to
anyone who will listen :)
Hey!  This is Seamus, the guy who ordered the Rx Ronsirs. I just wanted to thank you for all your help in
getting them to me. I love these glasses and get MANY compliments on them. You will definitely be my
go-to for more glasses in the future!   Thanks, Seamus
Actual e-mails from actual customers... We want to hear from you.
.... More To Come ...
I love your site and the selection, prices are great too. Thank you for your help.    Spencer
It is rare to receive a product that is EXACTLY as cool as you think it will be.  Thank you for providing a a
great service.  The Fellini sunglasses I received are amazing!  I plan to purchase through your website on
regular basis for all my eye ware needs.  Once again, thank you.  I've been searching for years for a It is
rare to receive a product that is EXACTLY as cool as you think it will be.  Thank you for providing a
website like this and I am spreading the word as much as I can.    Sincerely,  Nathan
Hello Eyeglassboy,   got my glasses today and I love them!   thank you for the quick delivery,   Best
Wishes,    Patrick
Hey,...just thought I'd let you know that I got the shades today,
They're cool. Thanks for all your help,...   I know I'll still wanna do business with you guys in the future,..
Sincerely,    Rod
I got the glasses and they are both PERFECT!  I'll send a pic when one happens.   Eve
Hello again,   I just got the frames in the post and absolutely love them!  Thank you for such a good
service, I will be back !  Also delighted that I didnt have to pay duty so it was a really good deal
Cheers :)    Kathleen
Greetings   Just wanted to let you know that the glasses arrived safely today.  Very happy with my
purchases.    Thanks very much from New Zealand!    Jennifer
my glasses came in and they fit and i love them, thank you so much!
Hello,luv my new frames,thank you    Brian
I wanted to say that the FDR frames, (formerly “attaché frames”) are wonderful; better than I had hoped!  
You folks are terrific!   Who knows when another order will come your way  -- Keep making these
marvelous repros…    Kenneth
I got them today. They're great. Well worth the wait.  If this were done through eBay, I'd give you all kinds
of crazy, hyperbolic positive feedback.   Thanks again for the great communication and great deal.  Take
care.   PS: Thanks for the sharp case, too    Patrick
Hello,   I wasn't sure how to go about using my credit, so I paid in full for my exchange (I couldn't wait!); I
assume the transaction  may be adjusted accordingly? If not, then I'll use the credit on a future purchase
...   By the way, y'all have the most kick-ass glasses!    I look forward to recommending your site to
others.    Thanks    Jill
Last week I ordered and received my "cheap sunglasses for the summer" as I call them. Great look and
even though they are cheap I got some complements about them. I did pass on your website and perhaps
I really wanted; the Arnel repro which until last week I thought were only available from an optometrist. I
plan on evetually putting my prescription lenses in these.    Thanks again for your great service.    Len
Hello CE at EGB, Thank you very much for the frames. They're fantastic! This is the second time I've
bought this frame, as I loved them so much the first time. Attached is a photo of your glasses on stage at
The Classic, New Zealand's only full time comedy club, for your "Celebs" page. Thanks, TJ
customer service!
Thanks again, Carolyn With super cute glasses!
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